Documents by Différence GCS Inc.

One-pagers and posters

Analytical Services Poster.pdf
Discrete Events Simulation (en).pdf
Discrete Events Simulation (fr).pdf
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.pdf
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.pdf
Planification Experiences Multivariables.pdf
Think Simulation Poster.pdf
What Différence Can Do (en).pdf
What Différence Can Do (fr).pdf

White papers

Lean Construction to Increase Profitability.pdf
Minimiser les pertes de temps par la simulation.pdf
Optimal Ordering for Smart Inventory Management.pdf
Relationship Between Simulation, Lean, Statistic and Programming.pdf
What Is a Model.pdf


Comment la simulation peut améliorer la planification en éliminant le gaspillage.pdf
Data Science and Predictive Modelling with Difference.pdf
How Simulation Can Enhance Scheduling (by avoiding Lean Waste).pdf
Material Handling and Traffic Simulation in an Underground Mine.pdf
Reducing Inspections by Using Soft Sensors.pdf
Simulation of Operations, Logistics and Supply Chains.pdf
Successful Path to Artificial Intelligence.pdf

Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Robust Data-Driven Optimization Using Machine Learning and Monte-Carlo Simulation.pdf
Simulation-Aided Production and Operations Scheduling.pdf
Simulation of Mixed Discrete and Continuous Systems with an Iron Ore Terminal Example.pdf
What Happened? The Change Point Analysis Will Tell You.pdf