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Consulting in Statistics

Statistical consulting services. We are practical experts!


In partnership, we can assist you in defining, elaborating, and achieving your continuous improvement projects so you can accelerate the return on your investment.

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Measurement Systems Analysis

To diagnose the quality of a measurement system and to identify its sources of variation.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

To determine an implementation approach for SPC adapted to your company and choose the type of control chart that will meet your needs and be best adapted to your data.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

To evaluate which factors contribute most to the variation of your process by an optimal and economic planning of the data collection procedure and a statistical analysis of the results carried out by experts.

Statistical Modeling and Multivariable Analysis

To obtain the maximum information from your data by applying multivariable statistical analysis. This analysis will allow you to identify variables having a strong link with a quality parameter and\or to build a model aiming at forecasting future results.

Problem Solving Techniques

To resolve important problems by using a structured method and tools adapted to the situation.

Performance indicators – Decision helping tools for managers

Choosing the appropriate performance indicator and implementing an efficient monitoring technique in order to quickly understand the situation.

Measurement of Customers Satisfaction

To elaborate the approach that will allow you to measure customer satisfaction, and determine the critical elements affecting it. We do not limit ourselves to the measurement of satisfaction; we make sure actions will occur as a result.

Statistical Tolerancing

Establish specifications for your process parameters in order to obtain the desired quality on finished products.

Acceptance sampling

Determine sample size and decision rules to ensure batch quality control.

Consulting services in Statistics, continuons improvement and Lean Six Sigma

We can help you to elaborate an implementation strategy tailored to your organization, to accompany you in the training, selection, and coaching of projects. The programs we offer:

  • Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)
  • Business Process Improvement (Lean Office)
  • Maintenance and Reliability Improvement (Lean Maintenance)
  • Research and Development Improvement (Design For Six Sigma)

In partnership, we can assist you in defining, elaborating, and achieving your process improvement projects so you can accelerate the return on your investment.


Value Stream Mapping

We can assist you in developing the value stream map of your actual process by facilitating a working session where the team will map the process, collect data and identify waste. We can also help you in identifying improvements and map the future process.

SMED, 5S, Kanban, Visual Management, Cellular Layout

You have an opportunity to apply a Lean tool, we can help you in ensuring a successful implementation. We can assist you in validating your choice of tool, in planning its implementation and participating to its design and deployment, in measuring the outcome and making sure a control procedure is in place to maintain the gains.

Kaizen Blitz

If you want to improve the efficiency of your process improvement team meetings, the Kaizen Blitz could be an approach you want to consider. Our experts can introduce you to this intensive, high energy, focussed team meeting process and facilitate a Kaizen Blitz event in your organization.

Fields of Expertise Examples:

Pulp and paper, aluminium, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, electronic sensors, metal and mining, aeronautics, transportation, ink, tissue papers, packaging, food, breweries, health care (C/S), real estate, call centers, quality departments and technical services, research centres, printing, wallpaper, government, municipal, medical devices, chemicals, rubber.

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