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These documents are short one-pagers that illustrate our consulting and training services offered in the fields of: statistic and data science, operational excellence, Lean Six Sigma, simulation and optimization.

Advanced analytics made practical

This is a collection of white papers written by Différence concerning scientific topics made accessible to a larger audience. We really hope the reader will enjoy reading while learning!

Lean, statistic, programming and simulation are at the heart of what we do. How are they linked together? Read this article to discover!

The Change Point Analysis: something changed in the performance? When? This neat tool will help you to statistically determine it!

Tired of endless uncompleted action plans? Worried that expected results never become real? Then Stop Actions Planning,  it’s time to Start Results Planning!

Lean is not just for manufacturing… It is also a powerful approach to reduce the cost of construction and ensure on-time delivery.

We often talk about “models”… But what should a model look like? What could it be (or not)? More food for thought here!

Variability is part of life… How can it be embedded into effective decision making processes? See here to learn it!

Overcrowded inventories, late receptions… Ever lived these issues? Optimizing the order points considering variability is a complex challenge!

Some of our useful tips and tricks to write efficient data science code.  Unlock the power of statistical programming!

A practical and useful application of Monte-Carlo simulation: financial calculations! Using the distribution of possible NPV values boosts the decision-making power.

Peer-reviewed scientific articles

People at Différence have published scientific articles that have been peer-reviewed. These open-source publications can be found here (external links):

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