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Lean Six Sigma Certification

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Lean Six Sigma

DIFFÉRENCE is a valuable partner for Lean Six Sigma. We can help implementing this approach in your organization, deliver training to all levels and also certify and coach the teams that perform projects.

Lean Six Sigma is a rigorous data, teamwork, change management and Lean oriented approach that allows companies to make extraordinary improvements.

This is accomplished by carrying out several projects delivering significant results.

Lean Six Sigma is applicable whether a company’s products are durable goods or services.

A vital ingredient for the success of Lean Six Sigma: people!


We can be your partner in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma by helping you to draw up your strategy for deploying Lean Six Sigma and adapting it to your company.

We can help you in defining your roadmap to success, in selecting projects, resources and making sure you get a significant return on your investment in Lean Six Sigma.

Our expertise will ensure success and remarkable results following the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in your company.

We have worked with both large companies and with small and medium-sized businesses.

Training & Certification

We offer training sessions towards supporting or accelerating the implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Easy to understand, thorough and practical training is available for the various stakeholders (in both French and English).

We offer a standard training curriculum which we adapt to the needs of each individual company.


Executives and Champions

One of the important steps in guaranteeing the success of Lean Six Sigma is to begin the training at the executive level to help them obtain a global understanding of the system. Indeed, the first decisions will be taken by executives: implementation strategy, choice of projects, choice of resources, objectives, financial analysis.

This training should take place as soon as possible. It enables the development of Lean Six Sigma leaders who will have the philosophy, knowledge and behaviors necessary to support the deployment of Lean Six Sigma.


Black Belt

A training program covering all the important aspects of Lean Six Sigma is offered. The duration is around 20 days distributed over approximately four months. The training integrates the completion of a first project and a certification.

Black belts must successfully lead Lean Six Sigma projects. To achieve this, they learn a wide range of tools: communications, project management, team work and, naturally, powerful analysis and problem-solving tools.

Green Belt

Green belts are involved as team members in important projects. They can also be responsible for projects linked with their function, service, or process in which they have expertise.

The training content is similar to black belt training, without the more advanced tools. It has a duration of 7 to 10 days and includes the completion of an improvement project. We also certify green belts.

Yellow Belt

To emphasize the contribution of all employees to the success of Lean Six Sigma, a basic and easy to understand training is offered. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is presented and simple tools are taught. A duration of 2 to 3 days is recommended.


Master Black Belt

Personalized training adapted to the very specific needs of a company. This training covers more advanced tools or goes deeper in topics already learnt during the Black Belt training.


A Différence Lean Six Sigma certification is offered. This certification ensures the training was followed and a Lean Six Sigma project was successfully completed.

The criteria for the evaluation of a project are:

A written exam based on case studies and development questions is used to evaluate how much material has been absorbed.


We recommend systematic coaching for an efficient Lean Six Sigma deployment. This is as important as training.

Coaching supports the success of a project as the coach ensures compliance with the methodology, validates the project team’s findings by verifying that decisions are made based on facts, helps to plan the project’s steps.

A company with staff already trained in Lean Six Sigma can call on one of our master black belts for coaching.

We are practical experts!