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Change Point Analysis

In today’s environment, we are often buried under data ranging from sales and production figures to absenteeism and accident rates. Fundamental questions we try to answer when we look at a key performance indicator or historical data are: Did changes occur? When? What was their amplitude? Are we improving our performance? Are we sure?

The change point analysis, a versatile tool minimally affected by outliers, can analyze almost any kind of data. It identifies the moment a shift in mean was observed, the magnitude of the shift and the probability the shift is not a ‘real’ shift but just a pattern observed by chance.

Monte Carlo Simulation and other statistical analyses with our Excel Addin​

Basic Statistical Analyses

In order to make basic statistical tools accessible and easy to use, we suggest an Excel-based tool showing only the essentials in an easy-to-interpret format. Some of its features are:


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Features of Différence's Addin

Monte Carlo Simulation and other statistical analyses with our Excel Addin​
icon variance

Analysis with 1 variable

icon pareto analysis

Pareto Analysis

Distribution Fitting

icon Time Series Forecasting​

Time Series Forecasting

icon Means comparison and ANOVA​

Means comparison and ANOVA

Simple Regression (one X)

icon Contingency Analysis​

Contingency Analysis

icon Plan a Measurement System Analysis​

Plan a Measurement System Analysis

Analyze Measurement System Results

Monte-Carlo Simulation on Excel

Optimization Solver

icon Additional Tools​

Additional Tools

icon Flexible Cloud-Based Licensing​

Flexible Cloud-Based Licensing

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