Différence Groupe-Conseil en Statistique (et Simulation)

Consulting Services

We are practical experts!

We can assist you in defining, developing and implementing your continuous improvement projects and thus accelerate the return on investment.

We believe that the profitability of a company depends on the satisfaction of its clientele, the quality of its workforce, the efficiency of its processes, and on its capacity to innovate.

We favour an approach adapted to our clientele and based on a structured and flexible methodology aimed at maintaining and maximizing the financial success of companies.

Our customers choose us because we offer a different approach to work. Différence is a consulting firm in statistics and simulation. Our expertise is based on a sound knowledge of statistical, applied mathematics and Lean methods and on our vast experience.

Expertise at your service: multivariate statistical analysis, design of experiments, discrete events simulation, machine learning, predictive modelling, Lean Six Sigma, etc.


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What makes Différence unique

powerful methods in statistical analysis

Powerful methods

Good tools lead to good results. Discover the techniques used by Différence.

adapted approach​ with each client

Adapted approach

Our areas of expertise range from manufacturing (factories, mines, pharmaceuticals) to services (healthcare, management, call centers…)

pleasure in priority​

Pleasure in priority

Yes, we manage to make statistics fun! While respecting the needs of the company and its individuals.

Our Services

Consulting Services in Statistics

Consulting Services​

(Multivariate analysis, machine learning, predictive modelling), in discrete events simulation, in continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma.


Training available in individual format or as part of a structured program (eg Lean Six Sigma), or even customized.


Consulting services in modelling and deployment of tools for operations scheduling and optimization.

lean six sigma certification implementation, deployment, training

Lean Six Sigma - Certification

Implementation, deployment & training at different levels, coaching, and certification.

Service complement excel Monte Carlo simulation and change point analysis.

Excel Addin

Excel addin developed by Différence for statistical analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and change point analysis.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

“I admit that I had some fears at the beginning since my D.E.S. had come a long way, but your way of making a sometimes heavy subject much simpler in part thanks to the humor so there hats off, moreover I would like to tell you that it is by far the best training that I have received throughout my life. If I would have had you as a high school math teacher, I might have become a statistician!​”

Sebastien Raby

“Thank you very much for the wonderful training and the wonderful trainer that you are, the way you communicate and teach is brimming with excellence and fun, you never get bored!”

Tommy Lacoste

“I was in the original Six Sigma BB training for Kruger… A training that drastically influenced my career and mgmt style, for the better.”

Cameron Kiff

We are practical Experts!